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Wayne Community Health Center, Thank You Letter From South Carolina


I was a visiting traveler who was very sick when I arrived in your office and it was complicated by my Addison’s Disease. Dr. Jeffrey Chappell diagnosed me properly, and administered an immediate antibiotic by injection, a four day antibiotic orally and some cough medicine. I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the research that Dr. Chappell did while I was in the office and the help that he gave me was very much appreciated and worked very well and I slowly got better. We planned on driving back to SC from Utah visiting many highlights along the way and the help that I received allowed me to have a great vacation. I did not get pneumonia and I did get well. Thanks for the great medical service.

Peace, Love & Joy

Bruce R.

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Contributed by Gina Flanagan
Published with the letter writer's permission